Appreciate your neighborhood baristas

Little Jo Berry’s is a local, vegan, specialty,¬†community-driven cafe that offers a huge array of stunning, personalized treats and lunch foods. We feature a fresh and indulgent menu that alternates depending on seasonal products and our kitchen’s own creative energy. The goal is to create one-of-a-kind treats and lunches that will captivate our patrons while servicing particular lifestyles and alternative ways of eating.


Little Jo

Owner/Head Baker/Most Excellent Barista

Little Jo was trained in specialty baking. She particularly excelled at vegan and gluten-free treats. Learning with her hands and through experience, she quickly became taken by creating recipes and experimenting with different ingredients. Working in local shops such as Bridgehead Coffeehouses and Auntie Loo’s Treats she was given a rare opportunity to take part in smaller, community-driven projects and ambitions. Being able to work with small businesses and other local people was especially inspiring. It quickly became a dream of hers to create her own space that could house this creativity and neighbourhood flow.


Owner/Kitchen Engineer/Test Taster

Big brother Jimmy was the push to starting Little Jo Berry’s. Plumber and Gas fitter by trade, Jimmy was the backbone to building the perfect kitchen. He has years of experience servicing kitchens and contracts that took him all over the world to practice his skill. In his off-time, he is very wolvish; he’s a proud member of Nomadic Training & Crossfit Wolvish. He has a keen interest in Paleo eating and different types of diets that encourage a healthy and happier lifestyle. He is very happy to taste all the new, one-of-a-kind treats coming out of our busy kitchen.