Please inquire for gluten-free options. Everything we bake is always 100% egg and dairy-free.

Something else you want to try, if it’s not listed shoot us an email and we can make it happen!!

We also do savoury special orders/catering, please email or call for details!

Send your orders to

info@littlejoberrys.ca or 613-761-8000

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Cakes and Cupcakes

6 cupcakes for $19.00

12 cupcakes for $36.00

6” 3 layer cake for $30.00

8” 3 layer cake for $42.00

So Vanilla

Classic Vanilla Goodness.

More Chocolate

All the chocolate. Please.

Chai Spice

Cake infused with warm chai spices.

Paired with a sweet cinnamon icing.

Sweet Lime

A play off of a Wes Anderson Classic.

Refreshing lime cake.

PB Chocolate Chip

Chocolate cake surrounded by creamy p.b. icing.

Garnished with Chocolate Chips.

Strawberries and Cream

Fluffy strawberry vanilla cake.

Iced with a strawberry frosting.

Cookie Crunch

Your choice, match a cake and cookie flavor and see what happens!



6 poptarts for $19.00

Raspberry Sprinkle

Minted Blueberry

Chocolate PB

Peanut Butter Jam Jam


6 scones for $19.00

Blue Vanilla


Chocolate Banana

Retro Treats

6 for $19.50

Twinkies (assorted flavors)

Zebra Cakes

Baby Cakes (assorted flavors with GF options)


Other Treats

8×8 pan for $19.00

9×13 pan for $35.00


Lemon Blueberry Buckle

Strawberry Crumb

GF PB and J

GF Caramel Stripe

GF Cookie Bars